Cleaning Routine


Our typical routine covers the following areas:



Bathtub and shower scrub
Shower door scrub
Vanity and sink clean
Mirror and chrome fixtures clean and shine
Toilet thoroughy scrub
Windows sills and blinds cleaned
Doors and door frames cleaned
Floors clean and carpet vacuumed
Tile walls cleaned
Cobwebs removed
Front of cabinets wiped
Light fixtures hand wiped
Knickknacks cleaned individually
Trim wiped
Washed shower curtains


Front cabinets hand wiped
Countertops washed
Backsplash wiped
Sink scrubbed
Front of appliances cleaned
Microwave/toaster cleaned thoroughly
Floors vacuumed and mopped
Empty trash and recycling cans
Stove hand wiped
Range hood cleaned
Windows sills and blinds dusted
Trim wiped
Coffe maker hand washed
Kitchen furniture hand wiped


Cobwebs removed
Picture frames dusted
Ceiling fans dusted
Lamp shades dusted
Flat surfaces hand wiped
Doors and doors frame cleaned
Windows hand wiped
Windows sills and blinds dusted
Empty closet floors vacuumed
All ready accessible floors vacuumed
Baseboard wiped
Furniture surfaces hand wiped
Furniture and upholstery vacuumed
Carped vacuumed
Accessible areas under furniture vacuumed
Knickknacks areas cleaned
Wood floors vacuumed and mopped

We also offer cleaning services for Construction Sites. Please contact us for more details.